The Three Main Reasons Why You Are Likely To Need A Professional To Fix Your HVAC

Obviously, a HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning – system is a complex piece of machinery. However, if you know how to maintain and service them, it is quite rare that you will need to call out a professional service in order to keep it working. Of course, there are some exceptions and certain problems do require professional help. Let’s review the three most common reasons as to why you will need the services of a professional HVAC repairer.

Firstly, there is a broken AC. This is likely to be a problem during the very hot months. When it has to work too hard, the unit of the air conditioning literally overloads. Added to this is the problem that it is not uncommon for people to think they can quickly fix this themselves. This is foolish and dangerous, as it means dealing with condensers and compressors. Also, a self-repair will, in almost all cases, void the warranty on your HVAC system. A second main problem is for the HVAC system to no longer provide heat. It is quite a similar problem to a broken AC. Most of the time, this problem is one that appears without any prior warning. And, just as with the AC, this is a problem that should never be resolved without help. If you do decide to repair it yourself, it is likely that you will end up with a system that is more broken than it was before. Do also bear in mind that the cost of having your mistakes fixed will be a lot higher than the cost of simply having it repaired. Last but not least, external failures often break down on HVAC systems. The surplus heat that a HVAC system will produce gets expelled outside. Too often, HVAC systems have very bad motors, which means they are no longer able to support the fan, which then shuts the system down completely. This automatic shut down prevents the system from fully overloading. Only true professionals are qualified to fix or replace a motor, and to make sure the rest of the system is still functional.

You must also remember that these are the most common problems, but not the only problems. You should also phone a professional for broken boilers or furnaces, dirty condensers, air duct problems, thermostat failure, a broken reversing valve, basic service and maintenance and infestation. Indeed, phoning a professional is very expensive, but it is a lot more expensive to allow a problem to continue until it is too late. It will cost a whole lot more money if you were to attempt to fix things yourself and then make the problem worse. Always phone a professional.