Things To Look For in a Wood Sealant for Your Fence Or Deck

There are many contractors that are looking for the best and most recommended sealant in the market they can utilize for fences and decks. Because there are more sealants available in today’s market, choosing the right product has become downright challenging. For starters, a sealer is made from a variety of bases as well as chemicals and ingredients that are added to the product to keep the cost per gallon affordable. Among the first things you have to understand when you are trying to choose a sealant to buy is that there is no product that is perfect. Although you will find there are certain products that are more familiar to you, you need to understand that all of them work the same way and provide the same results; it would actually all come down to budget limits and preferences when you are trying to decide which brand to buy. For sure, there are two familiar types of wood sealants in the market today.

To start with, you have oil sealers that usually contain various types of oil. You would find oil sealants that are classified as penetrants or coatings while there are those that are classified as a combination of both. Pure oil coating sealers stay on top of the wood while a penetrant oil sealant sits below the surface of the wood. An oil coating sealant works by covering up any flaws in the wood as well as covering up flaws in the wood caused by washing. The more the oil sealants look like wood stains, the better they are at disguising the flaws in the wood. If you are going to reapply this type of sealant though, make sure that you are going to strip the wood thoroughly to be certain that the sealant gets into the wood well.

On the other hand, water-based sealers have become quite popular among homeowners that choose to do the work on their fences and decks themselves. The biggest reason behind the popularity of these products is they are very easy to clean, which is very attractive for people who take on home improvement projects themselves. Since there are a lot of wood sealants in the market these days, what can you do to make sure that you are not about to spend your money on something that would not be worth your trouble? First, you need to determine exactly what results you are aiming for. If you are working with contractors, discuss with him thoroughly how you want the project to turn out and make sure that you are going to ask for suggestions on what specific products must be used. This would help you avoid spending a lot of money on the wrong materials or buy products you would not utilize.