Why Outdoor Wood Fences Become Grey With Time And How You Can Revive Them

If you have a porch or a deck or even a wood fence, you may have noticed that over time, the rich brown tones take on a dull, gray color and this may raise concerns. Though obviously a common enough occurrence, why does old and weathered wood turn grey? To give you a more visual explanation, think about how you shed dead skin cells – every day dead skin cells flak off, making way for new skin cells to come to the surface. Just like you shedding dead skin cells, the dull grey patina that old wood takes on is purely dead wood fibers brought about by UV rays coming from the sun and yes, even sealed wood will over time, turn grey. And because wood cannot get rid of dead fibers and regenerate new fibers on its own, you need to work on getting rid of the dull grey, dead fibers to reveal fresh layers of fiber.

This is why it is important to regularly maintain outdoor wood even if you like the rustic, weathered look since untreated or uncared wood would get damaged easily. And this means you have to learn how you can go about maintaining and getting rid of the grey color that weathered outdoor wood takes on. You can choose to have the old wood replaced by hiring renovating firms or wood restorers or you can do the wood stripping and refinishing yourself. If you were to use a chemical stripper to restore the wood, make sure you are wearing gloves before using chemicals and carefully reading package instructions. After that, it is a matter of rubbing the coated rag on the wood until the grey disappears and the floor or fences’ natural color is restored.

Should there be any grey spots that the chemical did not remove, you need to sand these areas down, wiping off dust with a dry and clean rag before applying the wood stain of your choice. Make sure that the wood stain has dried completely before brushing waterproof sealant or polyurethane at the front and back of the wood, letting it sit and dry for at least two days and then expose the wood to the outdoors again. Granted that doing the stripping, sanding and refinishing of wood furnishings, fences and floors can take some time and effort from your part, you would soon find that all the effort is worthwhile. You can ask help from friends or family members especially if you are going to do this project for the first time.