Office and Home Security With Pressure Sensors

A home or office invasion can occur anywhere at any time, so regardless of how safe that the place where you live and work may appear, home and office security is a necessity. There are a variety of building security components to deter thieves, and a pressure sensor is one of the most important. As their name suggests, it operates based on a weight controlled pressure system: If too much or too little pressure is applied to one, it will set off an alarm, trap or other security alert system. These gadgets are inexpensive, mobile, discreet and extremely versatile.


A pressure sensor can work with anything. It can be used in traditional door and window alarms, but it can also be used as a personal alarm system for your belongings. Pressure sensors can be added to a safe, drawer or carry around case to immediately alert you if someone tries to open it. They also have benign uses beyond the security system. They can be placed under a walkway or welcome mat and connected to a chime. This will allow the sensor to serve as a hands free doorbell. You could also have them installed that open your doors for you when you step on them.


Because of the simple weight-based measurement system of pressure sensors-too much or too little weight applied to them and they are activated-they can be made in any shape and size. They are also easy to install and replace. This means that you can add a sensor to a suitcase for a day at the office, and then switch it to your gym bag for a worry free hour of fitness at the gym.


While some components of security systems, like larger security cameras, are meant to be visible theft deterrents, sometimes you don’t want your security system to be so obvious. An overly obvious security system can destroy the look of an otherwise beautifully decorated room; this visibility will also make it easier for more skilled thieves to detect and disarm your security system components. Most door and window alarm system components sit on the outside of the hinge, where they are easily detected and disarmed. A pressure sensor, on the other hand, is hidden inside of the hinges of the door, window or container that it is meant to protect; this prevents it from being an eyesore or easy target for expert thieves. They can also be hidden in door mats and behind wall hangings. If you wanted to catch a thief in the act while you were away, you could place the sensor system underneath of a very visible item of interest and connect it to an Indiana Jones style trap for thieves to spring. The building security possibilities of these sensors are only limited by the scope of your creativity; a professional installer can set up any arrangement that you can imagine.


The simplistic technology also allows them to be very inexpensive. This low cost makes obtaining a full set of sensors to cover all of the doors and windows an easy investment decision. Most security companies offer a wide array of inexpensive pressure sensors.


Outfitting your home, office and valuable possessions with pressure sensors is an easy way to protect your property and offer you some peace of mind. They will work in any kind of security system that you can imagine. Call your local security company today so that they can set you up with installation for your building security today.

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