How To Keep Mosquitoes Away With Property Cleanup

We all hate mosquitoes and what they do to our bodies. The key to making sure they stay away is by removing all of their breeding rooms. This means you have to keep your property totally clean. You have to make sure you do this, not in the least because mosquitoes carry all sorts of diseases, including some lethal ones. When you clean your property, you have to make sure that there is no standing water anywhere in or around your house.

Make sure the floor and ground of your property are flat, filling up any holes. If it’s in your driveway or foundation, use some concrete patches. You then need to go look around to see if you have any canisters with stagnant water. Pay particularly attention to your bathrooms and toilets. Any canisters and pots that you want to keep should be stored in sheltered and dry locations. Even the slightest bit of water in these can attract mosquitoes. If you don’t have any available dry space for your pots and canisters, try covering them or put them upside down. Make sure that you also target areas where rain water collects, siphoning these every other day at least. Make sure you remove any tree stumps from your garden, as mosquitoes love the high moisture area these provide. Next, make sure that your birdbath is cleaned one a week. Your children’s paddling pools also need to be cleaned very regularly. One last thing to look into is making sure that your pet dishes have been fully cleaned daily.

Keeping your property clean is incredibly important to get rid of mosquitoes. If you mop your floors, you have to make sure you are particularly careful. Water will collect if your floor isn’t perfectly level, and this will attract mosquitoes again. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of all mosquitoes. However, you can make a really big difference just by keeping your property clean. Naturally, you can also try to use a number of mosquito repellant techniques. Making sure you have a properly ventilated home and using the air conditioning in your bedroom will also make a difference. Do make sure you always keep your bedroom door shut in order to keep the mosquitoes out. Also, use citronella spirals and candles or other products to repel mosquitoes from your body. Most of us are looking forward to a time where the mosquito is eradicated. Until that moment, however, we will have to keep on protecting ourselves in different ways.