Homeowner’s Frequently Made Toilet Installation/Repair Errors

All houses end up having a few plumbing problems here and there. The problem is that resolving plumbing issues can be quite costly. Those who own their own home and hence have to pay for this, will often try to find a way to fix it themselves first. Of course, someone with reasonable DIY skills can indeed perform these repairs and save themselves quite a bit of money. However, if installing or repairing a toilet is a bigger job, then a professional must be called in. Unfortunately, we are often unable to recognize when a problem is too complicated for our skills. Because a poorly fixed plumbing problem can cause far greater and more complicated problems, hiring a professional is always the better idea. Let’s review which problems most often occur when people try to fix their own toilets.

One very serious problem, and a really common one, is for people to unravel a clothes hanger and then decide to use this to remove clogs. This can easily lead to the porcelain getting damaged and to the sewage pipes getting ruptured. This is a particular danger if your pipes are getting a bit older. Furthermore, if you have a clog, then you won’t know exactly where it is. It is very easy to make the problem worse by pushing the clog deeper. By going to an experienced plumber, they are able to identify the location of the clog and its cause before removing it.

Another major problem is when fixtures aren’t leveled during installation. A toilet should be installed in such a way that it is perfectly level with the wall. A non-leveled toilet can easily cause bigger problems later on. Many people also forget to flush their fixtures before they turn their water back on. Pipelines that haven’t been flushed properly can cause debris to build up, which in turn can clog up the pipes. Once again, none of these problems will occur if a professional is called in. All of this information may make you feel as if you should simply never do any of the plumbing work yourself. In reality, it is indeed a better idea to leave this type of work to the professionals. If you feel that you absolutely must do things yourself, then stick to simple tasks like cleaning out your bowl, replacing your toilet seat or fixing the plunger. This is not an attack on your own skills, but rather a recognition of the training and experience plumbers have gone through. And remember that attempting to fix the problem yourself could leave you with an even bigger problem.