Fixing Squeaky Doors

Although it may not be irritating at first, squeaky doors – specifically – the hinges can quickly be a nuisance. And if these squeaky hinges are not attended to right away, this can cause damage on the entire door and will cost you a lot of money to fix later on. Make sure that you are going to fix squeaky doors and hinges right away to prevent the squeaking from getting worse and cause more damage on the door. The solution to this problem is to put a little oil on the hinges. You can even fix these hinges by yourself. It is helpful to check out a number of tips that help you fix the squeaky hinge properly and save money in the bargain.

To start with, you have to identify where the squeaking is coming from the hinge. And to help you identify the hinges that need fixing, you can swing the door back and forth and listen where the squeaking is coming from. You can squeeze a few drops of oil on the hinge. You need to clean off traces of rust and dirt on the pin of the hinge and you can get rid of them by scrubbing the dirt and rust off the pin with steel wool. After you have scrubbed the rust and dust off the pin, you can rub soap on the length of the pin. You can use a screwdriver to loosen the hinges on the door. You can also put in a few drops of vegetable oil on the pin. You then need to screw the hinges back tightly and try swinging the door back and forth again to be sure that there are no more squeaking on these hinges.

Putting on oil on the hinge is just a temporary fix, however. If your doors are not properly aligned, none of these quick fixes would amount to much. In this case, you may need to ask a carpenter to take a look at the door and check if the door’s diagonals is flush on the door frame properly. Check if the screws are put on tightly to avoid any damage to door or the hinges. You can also ask carpenters if they can recommend a different kinds of screw that you can install in your door to avoid hearing any more squeaks and guarantee that the door stays durable and if you have a budget, make sure you discuss this with the carpenter.