Exactly What is Innovative and New in Home Security

Once upon a time, all security systems could do was sound a loud alarm if someone broke in to the property. Things have changed, however, and the old fashioned 2G systems are becoming obsolete. They will become ineffective by 2016, at which point consumers will have to either replace their existing alarm system for a more interactive solution, or choose to go without. We can see that companies that create and deliver alarm systems are struggling to keep up with changing demands. Consumers now want multi-functional systems that do far more than what a generic keypad system with fobs would ever be able to deliver. So how has the world of security systems developed? What can we expect over the next couple of years?

The most basic of alarm systems now have full touch screen functionality. These touch screens have a range of icons that link to various interfaces. We have all gotten used to our smartphones and tablets, and these interfaces work in similar ways, with a range of apps. No longer is a home security used solely for security, but rather for full control of the home. As such, most good new home security systems allow not just for locking and unlocking the home, but also include weather alerts, energy management and temperature control. Also, customers want to be able to access these features through their mobile phone, when they are away from the property. All of this also means that home security companies have to change too. After all, it is far more likely that they will receive more technical queries from their customers, which means staff needs to be trained in different areas nowadays. What customers want is a system that they can customize to their needs. Hence, most developers now offer various types of communication, including Z-wave, Wi-fi, broadband, bluetooth, cellular and more.

The two most important new features, however, are geo-location and home energy management. Geo-location allows customers to link their home security system to their mobile. This means that they are able to receive alerts if they are away from home in case the alarm goes off. This also makes it possible to control the alarm remotely. There are even some devices that disarm automatically as soon as the mobile is within a certain distance. At the same time, it will arm if the mobile is a certain distance away. Energy management is equally important. Energy management allows customers to control their home heating and cooling, as well as which devices should be switched on and off. Furthermore, if a device uses a larger than normal amount of energy, an alert will be sent too.