Do Exterior Lights Work Well At Keeping Burglars Away?

Using outdoor lighting is one of the things that homeowners these days choose to do so they can deter burglars from breaking into their homes. To help keep your home safe, it is important to look into the different factors that are causing homeowners to avoid being victims of burglaries. A study done in 2008 revealed that out of the million and a half cases of burglary in 2008, 65% were committed during daylight hours. Specifically because most homes are empty during the day. This brings us to ask, if more than half of burglaries actually happen during the time of the day when there is a lot of light out and almost no shadows are present, could we really say that the presence of outdoor lighting can really prevent a burglary from happening? This then makes us conclude that darkness, contrary to what most of us think or were taught to think, is not a major factor for burglaries happening.

So why not just put up a lot of outdoor lights and keep them on all night, anyway? There are actually a number of reasons why using outdoor lighting indiscriminately; flooding your property in artificial light during the nighttime is not a very good idea. You can take your pick of them: waste of energy; health issues that come with using too much artificial light around your home; the fact that you would be keeping your next door neighbor awake most nights, etc. There are in fact cases when the use of too much artificial light has even encouraged burglars from stealing rather than deter them.

Poorly installed artificial lights significantly reduce the safety and security of any property. The glare coming off the many artificial lights you use around your home actually prevents your neighbors and even police officers from clearly seeing trespassers in your property. Besides, artificial light can cast shadows; you would not know what is happening in these dark areas in your house and thieves can use this as an advantage. Outdoor lights that are installed properly and correctly in key areas around your house without a doubt, can deter burglary. As such, you need to be sure that you would try learning more about outdoor lighting as well as how and where you would install them around your home. You can also discuss this with the company you plan buying lights from so they can give professional advice regarding installation prior to spending your money on these outdoor lights.