Bathroom Modifications Needed To Ensure Senior Safety

Among the biggest challenges of the elderly is their safety outside and even inside their homes. Government agencies recommend doing specific modifications in order to make your home bathroom safer for your elderly family members. Good thing there are a number of things you can do to revamp your bathroom and make it safer for your elderly relatives. These improvements would not only benefit your elderly relatives living with you, but is also beneficial for the rest of the family since you are making your bathroom safer. Believe it or not these bathroom modifications can easily be done with just a little bit of planning with home modification firms that can help you make your bathrooms safer for the whole family. These toilet risers are manufactured to specifications allowing you to raise toilet seats from 2 to 6 inches.

When you have installed toilet seat risers, you can complement this modification by installing grab bars and safety rails near tubs or the toilet so the elderly can easily balance themselves when they are getting up from the toilet and bathtub. Make sure though, that you are going to install the grab bars on the floor because it is unsafe for the elderly to hold onto a towel bar that can be loosened and fall from the wall. It is also important to invest in extra lighting for the bathroom especially helpful when the elderly will go to the bathroom at night. There are also people that install motion lighting that is helpful for the elderly using walkers so they wouldn’t have to use their hands to flick on switches when they go inside the bathroom. Avoid these incidents by switching to a safer, more economical shower curtain.

Instead, use anti-slip mats by the shower entryway so they can avoid tracking water on the tiles and slipping or invest in a texture tile to avoid slick surfaces. Grab bars are available in a number of sizes that help you maximize the space in your bathroom. You also need to buy tap handles that have clear HOT and COLD marks or signs so you can lower the risk of the elderly scalding themselves. Always make sure that your elders only use the bathtub or the shower with the no-slip mat in place to avoid slipping. These tips can help you guarantee that you are going to have a safe bathroom not just for your elders but for the rest of your family.